Hey everyone,

My dear wife Julie, whom some of you may know, has been suggesting I start a blog to connect with customers, share our experiences and to create a dialog with people who may have questions or are particularly interested in what goes on “behind the scenes” in our kitchen.  So here we are.  The team over at Color Fire have created a great site which allows us to do so.

This is our first post.  The first thing I want to mention is how proud I am of our entire team at The Point.  But we’re here to talk about the BOH (Back of House) and I am especially proud of the kitchen staff as a whole.  Every position is the kitchen is just as important as the next in order to have success with executing service, a positive environment, and overall cohesion.  The place is a MAD HOUSE!!  My Sous Chefs, Line Cooks, Prep, Cooks, Steamers, Dish, and even my bakers are all extremely driven and I am very proud of every one them.  Every day we receive deliveries of fresh product, prepare our recipes, cook and assemble our dishes, clean our stations, and do it all over again the next day.  Our food is prepared with great care and we respect all the hard work that goes into providing us our fresh ingredients.

gazpacho before


Above is a pic ALL the ingredients (minus a little red wine vinegar, extra virgin Olive oil, S&P, Jumbo Lump) of our Crab Gazpacho we serve on our Summer Menu right before blitzing in the VitaMix.

Again, with this blog, I’m hoping to provide some insight to our operations in our kitchen – to show anyone interested in how and why we do things in the BOH the way we do.  Please feel free to reach out to me via email with any questions regarding recipes, techniques, topic suggestions, etc.

Thank you so much for your interest and I hope you enjoy our posts!

Bobby Jones – Chef/Owner – The Point Crab House & Grill